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Neurotech Research: Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution with a “Unified Field Theory of Life”... Creating a Reality to live Beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young using our Consciousness & personal Energy to Evolve life.

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          Science of Bioelectrical Wellness: Human Wellness is based on Electrical Nutrition & Vibrational Medicine… able to live a drug free, electrifying, life beyond disease at a new level of consciousness while consuming High-Spin Monoatomic Trace Minerals. 

           As the Publisher of this website, I look at the Facts and study the stories that are promoted in society to clarify my philosophy of life... that is what I do. I am a researcher and writer on Consciousness development and Spiritual Evolution. My published book is Called, "Science of Spirit" and my new book is called, "Creating Genius in a Future Society". 
My company, of the past 25 years "studying evolving spiritual movements in America"... is called, Neurotech Research: Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution with a “Unified Field Theory of Life”...
 Creating a Reality to live Beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young using our Consciousness & personal Energy to Evolve life...Our path is in Researching  Consciousness, finding roads to deeper Spiritual development while consuming Ormus… We have been Publishing Our Books  for over 25 years.  Using the book, Science of Spirit, Creating Genius - Analogical Mind. Questions.- Email Me                       
Neurotech Research: Studies the Mind, Body and Spirit of Conscious, aware People moving toward an electrifying Spiritual Path...Utilizing a State of the Art…“Analogical based Consciousness” connected to the Invisible Spirit… infused with High-frequency, Alkaline, Clustered, Monatomic, Mineral Water... Offering new solutions to the modern day technological traps we find ourselves In  

Our Vision: is an “Alchemical Reality”, human beings connected to nature and all life as “Bioelectrical Water-based Human Beings” using “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”[Ormes] in their natural high-spin state… made of Rare Earth minerals. This a radical new approach to life… We are living free from manipulation… as Spiritual Warriors able to live well beyond 200 years, healthy, happy, “Feeling Forever Young in Mind, Body, and Spirit.   We are moving toward a Bioelectrical Wellness Paradigm of life… health solutions oriented… in an all-natural a self-healing process for “water-based bioelectrical Spiritual beings”… in an electric universe paradigm. So we can take a giant leap forward in life in the 21st century, paradigm shifting, as Bioelectrical Water-based Beings.

Our Mission: at Neurotech Research: is to teach is new paradigm of awareness… through Consciousness Research and the Development of a Spiritual Identity…   living in an “Analogical State of Mind” – a mind of right-action ethics [a mind naturally developed and expanded from using Ormus]. Our Bioelectrical Wellness and Spiritual Development philosophy forms a radically different type of Consulting Business… it redefines and reboots “Consumer-based Sheeple in Society” back to water-based Bioelectrical Human Beings with unlimited potential. It utilizes a State of the Art… “Analogical based Consciousness” connected to the Invisible Spirit… infused with High-frequency, Alkaline, Clustered Mineral Water. Incorporating contemplation, meditation, and concentration exercises in our daily life helps center and calm the developing Mind creating an “Analogical State of Mind” learning to become Spiritual Warriors… healing “a broken connection to Spirit.”  

Our focus is to teach… Real human beings connected to evolving streams of consciousness… how to reconnect their bioelectrical body back to its heart and soul - the Spirit-within… becoming “Spiritual Warriors in life”… learning to consume Bio-Electrical nutritional food and clustered alkaline mineral water in its “High-Spin State”… and how to tune the “unresolved emotional/ chemical body” back to the Spirit… For everything in the Universe is made up of electrical frequency and vibrating energy… right down to the atoms… that make up our biochemical bodies in high frequency clustered mineral water.

With this paradigm shift in consciousness, we understand this process is using the electrical signatures of chemical processes with bioelectrical nutrition and vibrational medicine that allows for an alchemical change in an 80% electrically charged water-based body of a Bioelectrical Human Being.  We can now, with this new research realize greater potential as Bioelectrical energy Beings... not mechanical Beings... we can repair human electrical bodies that are damaged and have energy problems... electromagnetically in tune with Nature and the Universe, which is electrical.

This means that all physical problems... all biochemical diseases and  all Cancers...  are in reality Bioelectrical problems of reduced electrical energy input and output ... in the out of balance  chemical body... and that this body has an electrical signature that can be adjusted electrically... correcting the chemical body and electrical imbalance in the chemical body without using chemicals... or primitive 20th century medicine.  

This Philosophy has been understood for over 100 years with the advent of Quantum Physics so much so that Gene Roddenberry used this philosophy advancing the understanding of Quantum Physics in his Science fiction television series a 1000-fold in, Star Trek, in the mid 1960, showing how simple it is

to see the world differently in the future without the Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex. In the Series, Dr. Lenard McCoy..  called this time, "the 20th Century Dark Ages". [Get the picture... Dr. Lenard McCoy... with his Tricorder from the Star Ship Enterprise correcting all biochemical and electrical problems with a hand-held electrical device...{that looked like an I-Phone with an adapter to take readings from the body... collect the data and have a number of Apps in the I-Phone correct the problem by sending out the right frequencies to the body correcting all problems}..

The potential in the near future for this to be done is great with advancing technologies... by balancing the body through correcting the light, sound and electrical frequencies in the human body that are out of balance and not in sync with nature, so that it is always in balance. I am surprised that there is not already an app for that from Apple... maybe Windows 10 apps will be developed with their new holographic software.

The technology is here... the apps only need to be refined... 

 In reality we are always connected to all life in nature and the universe... For everything in the Universe is connected electrically and just vibrating energy... right down to the atoms that make up our biochemical bodies.

As a radically different type of Consulting Business… We teach, with this knowledgehow "Conscious Intelligent Beings" can become financially independent redefining and rebooting “Consumer-based Sheeple in Society” back to "Water-based Bioelectrical Human Beings" with unlimited potential... creating Genius in their lives and the lives of their  families and friends. 

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit

Robert Donald Tonelli… Author of Science of Spirit… is Owner / Researcher / Consultant for Neurotech Research: Science of Bioelectrical Wellness and has been in business researching health…nutrition and spiritual matters since 1992. Neurotech has produced 10 research reports on health & wellness of Body, Mind, & Spirit... From this research and experience, he has published this book, Science of Spirit, Analogical Mind & the Evolution of Consciousness. A new mindset connecting human beings to the global evolution of consciousness that is responsible for the accelleration of life on this planet. He evolved Neurotech Research from an ongoing investigation of over the past 25 years… from studies of longevity… neuroscience… and alchemy. Rob has devoted most of his life to his research; from Science to Spirit from Reason to Faith... finding Truth along the way…